The point of exit for all anal nuggets for the gluteus maximus, and an unfortunate place of entry for enema's, lost gerbils, and hetero-ly challenged ramrods.
The enema's you inserted into my DILL HOLE earlier have started to work, so you will have to wait to find the lost gerbils in my gluteus maximus with your hetero-ly challenged ramrod.
by MikeBubbaJSmith February 13, 2006
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Any who impeds your progress whether in a car or motorcycle
A freshly douched cunt
A hole in wich a Dilldoe is placed
by Dill hole April 26, 2006
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An insensitive driver who blocks the passage of other drivers, particularly on the roads between Terre Haute, Indiana and Indianapolis, Indiana.
"This dill hole is keeping me from getting over!"
by KnobDoctor April 17, 2003
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christopher badalato end of story. no more to say.
chris, yes, without a doubt, you are a dill hole.
by larry July 27, 2004
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Serial liar, a la Pinocchio
"My name is Baghdad Bob, and my I learned everything I need to know from Dillhole!"
by IBDillholeWhinesTewMods July 16, 2003
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someone that has done or said something offensive. can also be used as a term of endearment
-"oh you stole my soda!"

-"your mom!"

-"you dillhole!"

-"i can't believe you dropped it, haha, you dillhole"
by jaylea:strangely[[satisfying]] October 20, 2008
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1. A cross between a dildo and an asshole
2. A major dumb fuck

see also dilhole
Most of the guys I have dated have been total dillholes!
by celeste1965 December 03, 2004
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