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dil mean heart in punjabi

and jot means light in punjabi

so a light in a heart .
Hey. diljot .

whatz going on.?
by dancer124 July 07, 2010
18 1
Diljot is loud and always has something to say about every little thing. He's hilarious, which attracts ALL the ladies. Whenever he enters a room, all eyes immediately go to him, he's the center of attention at all times. But he is also sensitive and easy to to talk to. He is very intelligent and wise. He is fun to be around with. Diljot is an ideal partner in life.
Girl 1: I love that kid!
Girl 2: You mean Diljot?
Girl 1: Yeah Diljot!
by Ciara.oaktree.and.BattleGround April 20, 2012
11 4
A chinese mobster with a overly small willy, also known to be a man on a mission, that mission to be the best beer drinker in all of China!
by tony hawks boyfriend June 25, 2010
4 8