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Noun: A term used to describe the product of two words that have been merged together to form one word
Fried and chicken is fricken therefore the word 'fricken' is a dilch
by Emally September 06, 2006
When a man or boy pokes his pee hole.
Eg Yo, did u hear Mike is a dilch.
by nick/ryan/dylan September 01, 2005
A "love child" (person who was concieved with their parents not being married) or a person with divored parents.
I heard Jimmy was a Dilch, his mom was pregnant in highschool!
by Bhumeeka March 27, 2007
Chewing tobacco or dip.
I need a pinch, hand me the dilch.
by ribbet December 09, 2007
The ejaculate on a dildo after a woman pleasures herself
After Amanda was done screwing herself, her dildo was coverd in Dilch
by sooooo-phisticated April 19, 2003