A panzy. like nick.
nick, your a diglett
by Daniel and Erik August 05, 2007
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A Pokemon of the ground type. Arguably the best Pokemon in the entire series.
Diglet dig, Diglet dig, TRIO TRIO TRIO!
by sharpz October 24, 2004
A small dick shaped pokemon that sometimes likes to gather in a trio for orgies. Then repeatedly bobs up and down in an in and out motion yelling its name, slowly escalating into an eruption of a fountain of white colored milk that resulted in the creation of mt. moon.
"Dude that chick totally wanted a diglett last night."

"I think that diglett from last week gave me the herps."
by Mooksy June 01, 2009
The opposite of a blumpkin. When a man or even a woman receives a rim job while urinating; can also describe the Pokemon Diglett who is by far the biggest hard-ass in Pokemon history.
"Lafonda gave wonderful Diglett last night. My butt hole has a shine that matches the like of Mr. Cleans head."
by Kramer! November 13, 2009
Slang. Refers to a homosexual.

Plural. Dugtrio.

(For reference google "gay Dugtrio.")
Cj: "I love what you did with your hair."
John: "Whaaaatta Diglett!"
by WSS. December 15, 2009
A black guys penis
He was touching wanking his diglett all night
by Niccolo January 21, 2015
Pokemon #50
It evolves into Dugtrio starting at level 26.

Can also be used as an exclamation in times of emotional or physical distress
1) -What do Dugtrios evolve from?
2)*Drops phone*
by Pokedex May 08, 2012

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