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A Pokemon of the ground type. Arguably the best Pokemon in the entire series.
Diglet dig, Diglet dig, TRIO TRIO TRIO!
by sharpz October 24, 2004
Easily the most in-depth and creative website in the entire Interweb. Almost as good as lemonparty.org
I love to visit blacksnake.com every day.
by sharpz November 28, 2004
A fancy way of saying you're wounded or sick. Proper usage would be:
omg, my arm megahertz.
by sharpz December 28, 2004
Victorwong - verb.

To fornicate with a large metal rusty shaft.

Victorwong - noun.

An person/thing that is very upsetting to the stomach when looked upon. Also see gayball.

"I looked at VICTORWONG square in the face and I almost passed out!"
by sharpz October 24, 2004

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