a loser who is a spide. he has freinds with shite knees and people like hallybent with him. he is a fridget, and hates woman. his voice will not break until he is twenty-till (22). he has a small penis, and claims that he 'had' your mother in bed.
oi fuck mate, yer a diggy like, balleex! mon suck my imaginary penis!
by smyth May 23, 2004
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a friend, pal, or other accquaintance. Usually used when the said person is getting overly excited or angry.
Woah there diggy! Let's all just settle down!
by Jimmy January 31, 2004
Digital Scale
"Can I borrow some diggies?"
by Lucca Brassi March 26, 2009
Take off, get out of here, leave.
You wanna stay and watch this movie with me?

Nahh man I gotta Diggy.
by DDthuggy February 10, 2015
A back rub, usually with a girls nails but softly.
Justin: "hey can you give me diggy"
Girl: "sure I just got my nails done"
by EbbieZ May 04, 2014
an interesting girl with an odd taste in boys. For example she will see a rather old man and say : 'HE IS ONE HOT CHILLY PEPPER'.
Girl 1: He is so fit!
Girl 2: Don't be such a diggy!
by WELOVEWILL November 01, 2011
means 2 leave quickly like runnin
yo i just diggied from bwoi dem...yo lets diggy from here
by peezy f.brea May 17, 2008
A dance coined by the Columbia High School Band of West Columbia, Texas. Is regularly performed by the band at football games and after pep rallies in the school's courtyard to the band's signature cadence. Another version of this dance is performed by the Dancing Dolls, Columbia High's drill team, at football games, but it is in no way comparable to the greatness that is the band's Diggy.

The full list of cadences is Standard, Boogey, Trooper, Pop, and Diggy.

The current Columbia High School drumline is comprised of Will Huebner, Danielle Barrera, Justin Taylor, Samantha Porter, Nathan Stahl, Scott (Scotty) Quinn, Austin Brown, Shae James, Raylen Worthington, Derrick Comeaux, and Q Woodard.
"Hey, play diggy!"

"No, you can't do diggy because I am a band director and I say stuff."
by Sondras September 03, 2006

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