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digguh is a mixture of "dude" and "nigguh"
commonley used by white kids in South Florida.
Cate: yo can you skype now?
Valen: nawww digguh i can't i'm at yogurtland
by wtf are you looking at July 21, 2011

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One day a white person heard a black oerson say nigguh, and decided it was cool, and so he went round calling his friends, his nigguhs, and as you can guess, he got twatted many times, so he decided it would be cool if white people could use it aswell, but its said like the opposite of nigga, which is geek...so..it looks a bit like this:
What is up, My best digguh, who is helping me become the greatest pi student the world has ever seen, how spelded to see one!
by Kurt NG UD September 18, 2004