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a super sexy girl with big boobs , has a great personality all the men will love a valen in bed and at public places
by pillow case 1234 June 29, 2011
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A sweet little guy, who is pocket-sized and always down for a good time. He will pick you up when you are down and will stick with you through all the bull. He is easier to find then a lepruchan and much more lucky to have around. If you ever catch one never let him go because he will always be a true friend.
"You know, with all the fake ass people out there I am glad I have a Valen in my pocket."
by MamiNatrix October 03, 2011
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a kniving bitch with less worth than a fucking penny. She thinks she's gods gift to earth but everyone really hates her not to mention all the diseases and STDs she has. She is faker than a barbie. She likes to be a whore and she has bleach blonde hair. She's a brat that thrives off of attention. Also she will never have any worth and should drown in the deep blue sea as soon as possible. now would be great. or she could burn in the fiery pits of hell, on video of course.
Valen, as in Kens slam piece.
by falconbarbie July 24, 2011
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