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Somewhat Popular rap song (from the early 90's?)

Also: term of endearment for one with the last name Brown.
Song is as follows: "Don't stop, pop that pussy, let me see that doo doo brown; I wanna rock I wanna rock I wanna rock; doodoo brown"
by Hepziba January 23, 2007
The rapid series of sounds heard when hit rapper Twista spits his stuff (raps).
"Shigga digga digga bathroom,
Shigga digga digga chat room,
shigga digga digga sasoon,
Shigga digga digga cancun."
by Hepziba January 23, 2007
Same as "rudy-poo," but more Southern.
"One who is lame, puss, or otherwise, clueless"

Clueless as in thinks he or she is good or athletic but in reality sucks and is basically worthless (much like a hater).
Man forget that RUDY POODY-ass nigga!

Man dey RUDY POODIES, dey ain't worf S**t!!!
by Hepziba January 23, 2007

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