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To define a word, almost always a made-up one. This entry is kinda paradoxical.
Jon: I just dictionarized "dictionarize".
Kyle: What did they call it before?
Jon: *Head explodes*
#define #word #dictionary #definition #term
by yaidk August 16, 2009
The act of attempting to give someone a blow job and failing.

Background: A co-worker of mine said the word "dictionarize" when trying to explain a word she made up. Quickly, giggles started about as my boss reminded us of the Urban Dictionary's definition of boutonniere.
My boyfriend left me because I dictionarized.
My fiance can't please me, she dictionarizes.
I dictionarized once and I've never been the same since. I can't get a date.
#blow job #boutonniere #dictionaryize #dictioneryze #dicshunorize
by flodee02 September 08, 2010
to arrange alphabetically.
Let's dictionarize the names.
#arrange alphabetically #abc order #serial #sequential #haphazard
by uttam maharjan January 23, 2011
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