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2 definitions by mikeyfire

A politically correct term for a person who can't make the simple distinction between common English words, such as There/Their/They're and To/Too, and suffers the chronic inability to use them properly.

People afflicted with this disease often cannot be troubled to open a dictionary or get around to actually completing the second grade.

See also: Paris Hilton Retarded
Concerned Parents: Ms. Principal, why did little George W. fail the 2nd grade spelling test - is our son retarded?
Principal: Ma'am, we prefer the term Dictionarally Challenged...and yes, he's a 'tard.

Job Applicant: Weight, your telling me your not hiring me because I live in that they're trailer?
Manager: No, I'm not hiring you because you're a dumb ass.
by mikeyfire March 31, 2010
The inevitable and almost instantaneous gaggle of pre- pubescent girls who show up whenever a puppy (or infant of any animal) is brought out in public.

The Puppirazzi usually form a small adoringly menacing circle around the overwhelmed pup, each trying to both get its attention and devour its cuteness at the same time.

Expect frenzied amounts of competing "Awwwww's" and "He's soooooo cute!" and "what's his name?" and "can I hold him?", etc.
I tried walking little Luna to the soccer field to watch the kids' game, but didn't get far as we were immediately mobbed by the Puppirazzi from the nearby school.
by mikeyfire January 20, 2012