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To define a word, almost always a made-up one. This entry is kinda paradoxical.
Jon: I just dictionarized "dictionarize".
Kyle: What did they call it before?
Jon: *Head explodes*
by yaidk August 16, 2009
Believed by many to be a common misspelling of would, however, it is just the inquisitive form of would. Important note: Whood is not the inquisitive version of wood.
Jay: Whould you f*ck a sheep?
Brent: No, ew.
Jay: I'm saying if you were a sheep, whould you f*ck a sheep?
Brent: Well, in that case, you bet your sweet ass I would.

Jay: Dirty sheep f*cker!
by yaidk August 16, 2009

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