A picture sent online, usually requested by the recipient, of the sender's penis. Usually sent for the viewer or sender's arousal, pleasure, curiosity, or boredom.
Derived from the combination of the commonly used terms "dick" and "picture", shortened to the cute abbreviation "dicpic"
Often further abbreviated as DP
Examples of Situations where a dicpic is exchanged:
Situation 1: Im sooo hornyy babee! PLEASE send me a dicpic!!

Situation 2: I love penises! Feel free to send me dicpics!

Situation 3: I wonder what that guy's dick looks like! I'll ask him to send me a dicpic!

Situation 4: I'm really bored. I think I'll send that girl a dicpic!

Yo I just got a really hott DP!

by DOMMExL0VER January 08, 2009
Top Definition
a picture of a dick that a guy sends you (usually its his dick)
dick + pic = dicpic
heyy look at this dicpic i just got on facebook!
by sluttyhoe January 01, 2009
Usually used to get someone horny or whatever. Some people couldn't imagine a more awful way to attract or be attracted and they feel revulsion from that stuff, just like if they brought home the hottest guy/girl bc they were trying so hard to be a playa but then as soon as shit got real they'd feel turned off.
A complete amateur may shake the proverbial tree with a dic pic, or 'sexi selfie' if they are really fucking curious what their spouse is so busy doing with that pro hockey playa who lives in the next room, and most especially you might do that recognizable selfie from the back in panties and heels if your spouse is a braggart and you want to give him another excuse to let you live a few more weeks. And your ass looks good, of course. Def that.
I sent a few dic pic right before the divorce. I wonder how many colleagues have copies??
But hey, I sure hope they looked hot bc that would be a pr win extra ordinaire
via giphy
by urnewdadAugustIn404Londinium July 26, 2016
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