The Fabled book that 1 in 126,540 women have. It contains every man that they have ever had sex as well as a ranking on how they performed
Fred: I saw Sarah's Dicktionary
Jim: How did you Rank?
Fred: 15th!
Jim: Dude, arn't you married to her?
by Marky Mark Fa Sho July 10, 2008
A dick who talks their mouth off and acts like they know everything, but nobody understands what their saying because everybody gets pissed on by what their saying.

Normal Person: (too mad to comprehend everything dat da dicktionary said) "Go back to where you belong, WHICH IS RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO A REAL ASSHOLE.
by Mattnificent aka J.A.L. October 23, 2007
Having a definition tattooed to your penis, thus creating a dicktionary.
Dennis decided to define what phallus was by tattooing it to the shaft of his penis, thus creating his dicktionary.
by Lily Daniels February 06, 2008
a little feminine notebook with names of friends - potential sex partners - and their measures
I gotta look in my dicktionary to find a date for tonight...I will check under letter P.
by Nina March 15, 2005
someone who won't share there dictionary despite the fact their friend is in need.
Jose: Sophie could i borrow your dictionary?

Sophie: NO! get your own.

Jose: Ugh, you are such a DICKtionary!
by Jose Jose Jose October 19, 2008
A person or source of knowledge which has complete information regarding sex and can be used as a reference.
There is no other Dicktionary better than John.
by Rapster January 28, 2009
A cool dictionary full of shit that you can never find in any dictionary.
kid: mom, what does 'Cleveland steamer' mean?
mom: i dont know where did you hear that?
kid: my teacher said she had one but she never told us what it was.
mom: did you check the dictionary for that?
kid: yea but I couldnt find any entry
mom: Check the dicKtionary, I am sure you will find the meaning... enjoy :)
kid: ok mom, thanks
by imara12 January 10, 2009
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