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An overwhelmingly long list of sexual positions, phrases, and euphemisms. Usually made up custom definitions. These are mostly common in men but some women have them as well. These are VERY apparent during late-night info-mercials promoting male and female enhancements.

When used it often results in laughter, blank stares, or "GTFO"'s by the people exposed to the definitions.
James: Yea I gave Karen a high voltage shocker followed by a sour apple altoid.

Mike: Where you just speaking English?; Because I understood like every 3rd word you said.

James: Hellz yea I was. Just look em all up in my dicktionary.

Mike: Dick. . . . . tionary? Miriam Webster published that?

James: Nope I wrote everything I know about sex in a blank book. I 'm almost done writing page 2.
by BigTimer5 December 25, 2009

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