this is what happens when you eject cum out of your penis, otherwise known as dick sneezing
(guy getting a blowjob)

guy: "your doing great! im about to dick sneeze!"
by ilovesex1234 February 14, 2011
Top Definition
Man Juice, Aka Ejaculate, aka sperm.
Oh my god... what is that on the side of ada's face? Oh it's dicksneeze.
by Melong November 25, 2007
sticky substance forming on the tip of a penis even though ejaculation has not recently occured. can be caused by drinking diet coke. can be described as slimy, sticky, translucent snot.
"hey buddy, you want a diet coke?" "no thanks man, that shit gives me a dick sneeze."
by Prego Midget December 25, 2003
ejaculation of sperm from the penis.
I was too drunk to fuck last night, I couldn't dick sneeze.
by Willis Drummond March 19, 2003
jizzing on bitches...
bitch you wanna see my dick sneeze???
by ironmankkk January 15, 2011
1) A moment which a man ejaculates into his partners nose, there in causing the partner to sneeze back on his dick.

2) A person who annoys you out of your butthole
1)Ahhh im going to cum.....'achoo' What the fuck

2)Stop being such dick sneeze
by Mussolini23 April 28, 2010
Its when you pee so hard that your penis starts to flap and make a fart noise.
i peed sooo hard yesterday i had a dicksneeze
by A beastly beast Jf March 15, 2009

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