When the tip of a person's nose has an indent in the middle looks like the tip of a penis.
ie. "Gerard Depardieau has the worst case of dicknose I've ever seen!"
by JDubbbb January 11, 2007
Top Definition
1. An individual who behaves like an asshole or is a pain in the ass.
2. Someone whose nose is shaped like a penis.
1. "Go fuck yourself, dicknose!"
2. That guy has a dicknose just like his father's.
by Simon January 26, 2003
used by Monty Python in a movie
hey dick nose
by wallis and futuna islands October 16, 2003
someone who is excedingly stupid and oblivious to the obvious
(in movie theatre) "wow, did you see that?"
"No dicknose, i just payed nine dollars to sit here and stare at the ceiling"
A condition in which someone's nose, usually but not limited to a female, has increased its size due to in large part of being slapped in the face with a numerous amount of penis.
Todd: "Man, what happened to Christina's nose?"

Fred: "My dick is what happened."

dick nose
by Mr. Wright June 22, 2007
1. an insulting term for a person with a big nose and who acts like a asshole or a dick.
2. a snoopy person who likes to pry into other people's private business.
Not to be confused with a dick weasel.
1. Because Adrien Brody is a stuck-up celebrity with a big nose, he is a dick nose.
2. After I found my brother going through my stuff, I knew he was a dick nose.
by toast455 July 06, 2005
A term used to describe a friend or enemy whose nose is bulbous on the end.
Jonny: "Have you seen Doug lately?"
Samuel: "Uh which one is Doug again?"
Jonny: "The fat guy with the dicknose."
Samuel: "Oh yeah, super nice guy!"
by BING-CHONG The 1st December 05, 2010
(n) The subject of a colloquial insult which is rarely based on fact, meaning a person with a dick in place of a nose, or vice-versa.
"Guess again, dicknose!" - Donald Fagen
by crackotfige September 04, 2005
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