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(n) - When you're jacking off and your mom walks in, prompting you to hastily sequester your wang and shove it back down at an awkward angle.
Bob really got dicklash yesterday, especially after that ten hour spell on Redtube that his mom walked in on.
by Slavman September 28, 2010
an insult implying someone got hurt their neck from sucking too much dick.
Binky: aw shit dude my neck hurts.

MikeNike: haha you probably got dicklash. You gotta stop inhaling that cock.

Binky: Fuck you asshole!...hahahaha
by AJ.S November 27, 2006
When a man takes a womans head and forces it so hard up and down during a blow job, that the girl has a mild case of whip-lash the next morning.
"I can barely move my neck side-to-side because Seth gave me dick-lash last night."
by Thisones4jizzy July 25, 2009
A stress injury to the neck caused by sucking dick or otherwise orally receiving a phallus.
Katharine: Ah! My neck has been killing me since last night!

Kevin: Did you go out with Long Dick Larry again? Girl, you better sue that cat for giving you dicklash!
by melidollabillz February 07, 2014
When you see a seeming hot chick and then suddenly seeing something that totally turns you off.
Shane: Dude i saw Sally's thong hanging out then Moley Molly came out of nowhere and she totally gave me some dick lash!!

Dylan: Ohhh man that sucks!!!!
by Sman111 November 08, 2011
When a fast and hard grinding woman on top is not in tune with the direction of her partners penis hardness and folds a semi erect penis in half during mid grind.
I got dicklash after I lost my woody.
by Atsepmeta February 12, 2014
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