wasting time. playing around
son stop dicking around thats your moms job.
by mudrider February 17, 2008
Rubbing ones penis on things.
Bob was dicking around the room.
by Bob October 28, 2003
fucking arnd
i was dicking arnd in her pussy
by Anonymous October 28, 2003
When one participates in the searching for dick pictures on the internet. Usually done with a spoon.
Paul was dicking around when his mother walked into the room, in which she preceded to become violently ill and began to scream uncontrollably.
by Butt to mouth December 10, 2010
of or pertaining to the male reproductive organ in a sense of procrastination
"Kelly Gordon is a faggot"
by Cody Ehlke October 27, 2003
fooling or fuckin around with some one or something
"dude stop dickin around"
by Mern October 30, 2003
its when an elderly woman sleeps around profusely.
lukes mom is dicking around with all of his friends
by SLooooooooooob October 29, 2003
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