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(instransitive) to waste time; to lose focus; to lack seriousness of purpose
We finished the treasure hunt while the other team was still dicking around (with the map).
by tpbenelli July 21, 2004
spending a lot of time doing nothing of any significance. see poopin' around
I don't even think I got anything done all Tuesday, I just skipped class and dicked around
by Anonymous February 28, 2002
To lack seriousness with a purpose. An alternative to sociology.

NOTE: The dick around is a drug, and must be used in moderation. Over-dosing can result nausea, spontaneous urination and in extreme cases intense spewing.
See definition, its a huge dick around (ironic isn't it).
1. having gay sex
2. wasting time

1. bob would dick around with guys
2. trey would dick around instead of doing school work.
by wtfmatexd April 17, 2008
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