Adj, Dick faces are found at your local tough guy store, where they purchase sleeveless shirts and ripped up Jeans. If you see some jackass in the gym doing a million bicep curls with the 10 pound weight. That might be a dick face, you can determine by expression. Their faces usually shrivel up like a pair of testicles soaking in ice water.
"Q: Hey Eric, why do you have such a dick face?"
"A: My dad's dick looked like a cauliflower."
by Eric "Dick Face" June 14, 2007
Top Definition
Belfast insult, cleverly combines the two words dick and face to insinuate that someone has a penis on their face.
what you lookin at dickface?
by Frank Curran March 02, 2005
A person who has a penis growing from their face.
Outta my way dick face!
by Jackson January 21, 2004
A cool word to call your local law enforcement officials preferribly out of ear range.
No sir, I didn't call you a dickface. I said 'cold night isn't it'?
by christa November 14, 2003
When someone is being a ass to you or the people around them.
I cant stand when Tim is Being a Dick Face it just pisses me off No need to be a jerk.
by Ms Sweets February 05, 2010
A person who has a dick either on their face or instead of a face.
Oh man look at the guy over there he's got a dick on his face, what a dick face.
by Rim Job Rob February 18, 2008
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