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to get fucked really hard for a long period of time
I fucked this dude last night, he really got dicked down
by foxy brown January 04, 2003
to be in a relationship with a guy whose sex is so good that you cant leave him. this guy can be a loser or an asshole but he fucks you like you've never been fucked before, which keeps the girl comming back. THAT is what it means to be dicked down.
bitch with no man 1: i cant see why she's still with him, i mean he's lazy, aint got no job....

bitch with no man 2: he probably is hittin that so good that he got her dicked down!!

bitch with no man 1: hmmm lemme see if i can steal her man.
by preston brewer March 04, 2008
Usually used by men in the work field to describe a woman who has too many issues, might seem menopausal and needs to be sexually satisfied. This is most often the answer according to men.
Man: That bitch has some problems. She keeps fucking up our schedule!

Other Man: Ya, that bitch needs to be dicked down.
by Mfkr June 13, 2016
when you're a guy and your girl cheats on you with someone uglier than you or leaves you for someone uglier than you.
person #1: Oh my god...Ray Ray and Shelly broke up.

person #2: Yep. Ray Ray got dicked down by Shelly for Alex.

person #1: But Ray Ray so fine.

person #2: I know. Alex is nasty.
by Dr. Licks That July 24, 2009
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