Top Definition
absolute moron, prick, dickweed, dumbass.
You are such a dickbite!
by Kevin S. March 31, 2004
a person that does something purposely to piss you off
Did you just see that dick bite pull out in front of you?
by Jelloman |..|(~_~)|..| January 25, 2009
frostbite of the dick. It comes in three stages. Stage 1: dickcicle forms on the end of the dick causing urinary retention and eventually kidney failure. Stage 2: Blue ball. This stage quickly progresses to black ball requiring castration. Stage 3: Black dick. The final stage before dick amputation and peeing like a girl for the rest of your life.
He rode his bicycle in the snow and came down with a severe case of dickbite.
by greg9255 March 07, 2016
Slang term for the enemy territory map frostbite.
"Hey hawk, we just got done playing the map supplydepot, so lets play some dickbite"

"Ok pete, dickbite it is"
by Peterrrrr June 05, 2007
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