1. Referring to a man with very small and childlike genitalia. The term was coined to describe a pledge at a fraternity at a Pittsburgh area university. DG

2. A wizard that sucks dick.
"Don't be such a dick wizard!"

Where is dick-WIZAAAARD?!"

syn: baby dick, little meat, ginny, floor 5 little cock, wizard
ant: fat cock, adult meat, big guy, jon bass, da league
by pizza delivery boy November 09, 2010
One who has (or is believed to have) mystical properties to their genitalia. Most often associated with men and/or transvestites. Homosexuals can often be referred to as such by their own kind or in condescending terms by heterosexuals.
That flaming Queen is a real Dickwizard.
by Collective minds of man December 30, 2008

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