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(For males only, or individuals with wangs) Right after taking a shower, before drying off, run over to your intended victim, point, and shake your wang up and down. This results in water getting flung from your wang onto the victim.
Gross!! Pete just douced me in dick water!
by Norway August 04, 2005
Water stirred by the dick.
Here honey, I just made you a nice glass of dickwater.
by Z CUP October 23, 2007
water consumed by an oral sex performer when accomplished in but not limited to the shower under running water
Girl 1: I hate giving head
Girl 2: why?
Girl 1: because it always taste funny
Girl 2: you talking about prejac
Girl 1: yes and he's always trying to shove it in,
Girl 2: I can't help you with him shoving it in but you can always climb in the shower with him, wash him and do it under running water
Girl 1: won't I choke on the water or drown
Girl 2: oh girl you haven't had water like dick water
by Srg March 27, 2015
semen, sperm, cum, jizz, man juice, spunk, seed, the white stuff...
Hannah: did you give that guy head?

Kelly: yeah but he totally got his dick water in my eye!
by dirtysouth April 26, 2012
Anything that is uncool or unpleasent to you and the people around you.
Man that was dickwater how john forgot about poker lastnight, and went out with that chick instead.
by gorillaface October 19, 2007

When at a party or out to dinner, if a friend gets up to use the bathroom, someone adds sugar, salt and pepper to that persons drink.

Comes from being a dick to someone water.
Dude, Jerry got up to use the bathroom and Becky totally dick-watered him!
by Devils-Disciple November 02, 2009
Urine from a male person or animal
I drank two beers and pissed a half a gallon of dickwater.
by Roy D May 12, 2006
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