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A lazy jerk (couch potato) who refuses to get off his ass, lying around with his hand down his pants demanding that his woman fetch him things. Usually a sport of some kind is on the TV, like Nascar. You can spot the dick tater by his sweat stained white ribbed tank top and three day growth of stubble.
Funkstank: Gone'n git me anuther bud, woman, then you can suck on mah dick. I'm watching the daytona fivehunderd! Whooooo!

Cousin Betty: Hold yer horses, ya damn dick tater. I done getted that thar thang I ordered from ebay and I wanna try it on for ya.

Funkstank: Do it now, bitch or I'll give yer ass a tanning. Jump the fuck to it! The dick tater has spoken. Buuuurp.
by Princess Slayah July 24, 2009
newly created slang term for genital warts on penis..
I was just about to deep throat his cock, but my tongue felt something funny, and I saw that he had a bad case of the Dick Taters!!!
by gomer79 February 10, 2011
A mis-spelt version of Dictator.

In this case used as a joke term for a Dictator who is an ass (as many are).

Also can be extended as "Greasy Dicktaters", a common used name to insult fellow political members.
Politic1: That dicktater needs to be hung!
Politic2: Agreed to that! Hang him high!
Politic3: Very high! And VERY dry indeed!
Dicktater: Lol Wut?
by Spaztik-Plaztik May 24, 2007
The two potato-like, nuts that hang in a sack from beneath the penis.
Mr. Johnson, how long has it been since you launched a love rocket? mhm, i see..and how are your dick taters?
by deluks August 12, 2008
One who is slutty and who will suck any dick up in the party. she is sleezy and gross. a lover of the wood. one who mosterizing the wood with her mouth.
Give Chrissy a breath mint, she has been a dicktater all night long.
by kaptainawesome June 24, 2011
1.) An individual with Political delusions of godhood and an aptitude for stultifying the public mentality.

2.) A President(usually but not necessarily male) with a penis resembling an over grown Idaho russet spud, who finds great glee in applying the fore mentioned member(with waxy petroleum lubrication) . To: Rednecks of any ethnic or racial persuasion who happen to mistake their wives for a hat. All persons who fill the description of "Yes Men" "Rah Rah" boys/girls or Latas (former word donated by W.S. Burroughs). Also, pore,pour,poor people, Who have not the intestinal fortitude to "get the f' out and vote", for an honest "Human Peoples" president.

3.) An over grown Idaho Russet Spud, used occasionally in lesbian or homosexual sex rituals. Usually, these are washed, sliced, JoJo fried and fed to Politicians as retribution. See: Dicktator1&2
1.) Momma, dat man has a Dicktaters tastes fo sho', you see what he done to them Arabian fellas and they oil feilds?

2.) "and then the bastard split me open like a woods beaver in loggin' season him with a Dicktater the size of an elephant tool."

3.) Individuals like the Bushes, Huseins, Bin Laudins, Pol Pots, Markos, Muselinis, Francos, Hitlers, and Gengis Khans, are all Dicktaters.
by Thomas B. Perry November 04, 2004
Often misspelled as dictator, a dick tater is a man or woman who:

1. Sucks dick while shucking a tater.
2. Cucumbers a man while making a salad.
3. All of the above

A noun, used to define a dick, penis, schlong, willy, knocker, doorhandle, flipper, lightswitch, mega whomp, googler, grapple, grapple hook, and flipschlinger.

This in turn added to the tater, being a round object usually stuck in something whether the ground or a bush, it is used in a thrusting manner until totally engrossed by those which are engrossing the grossage. If you understand the above reading please continue.

A Dick Tater usually is also mentioned in a childs school book as Adolf Hitler or Barney, depending on age.

See dick.
That man thinks he is a Dick Tater!@!@!
by Bob Hester February 13, 2004
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