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The slick and sexy combination of saliva, lube, and semen left behind on the bed after a wild fun time
"what's that wet spot on the bed? oh, it's just fuck dribble!"
by gomer79 December 01, 2009
the quickly gained weight a person gains when they drink too much and too often, usually concentrated to the face, and the belly.. this affects men and women in similar fashion, though It's not really that hot when a girl suffers from a case of booze bloat.
Christina Aguilera claims she weighs 100lbs? Gurl, she ain't stepped on the scale since she came down with that bad case of booze bloat.
by gomer79 March 02, 2011
newly created slang term for genital warts on penis..
I was just about to deep throat his cock, but my tongue felt something funny, and I saw that he had a bad case of the Dick Taters!!!
by gomer79 February 10, 2011
girl who hangs out with gay men, who is attractive and enjoyable to be around. Not a fag hag.
"i'm not a trashy fag hag... i'm a flamer tamer!" she said...
by gomer79 December 25, 2009
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