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When one masturbates while driving a vehicle
"yo i pulled up to a stop light the other day and this dude was dick shiftin beside me."
by T READY August 20, 2009
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verb- Using your penis as shifter knob in a car, as if you were driving a manual transmission

Usually performed sitting or laying down (will only work if erection)
Almost all guys have tried dickshifting (out of boredom or just for fun)
Guy1: Dickshifting is so fun dude, try it.
Guy2: Man I own that shit... everyone does it
by HaveFunWithYourJunk November 03, 2009
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The sex position in which the male is laying on his back and the female sits on his stomach. Her feet are on his feet working them like petals while simultaneously working his dick like a manual shifter. The male has the option to then use her breasts as a steering wheel.
Hoe: "I'm thinking we ride the dick shift tonight."
Guy: "sounds great! Let's go through a hilly landscape? There's a lot more shifting and turning involved."
Hoe: "I get tired of shifting and you gonna stretch out my boobs!"
Guy: "you wanna fight bitch!"
by DuRt October 13, 2014
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The act of giving a handjob to the person in the passenger seat while driving a car. Thus creating the act of dick shifting.
Joey: Aw dude Tina gave me the perfect dick shift last week. She didn't even crash the car!

Maxx: Lucky, I've only gotten to second base with my girl!
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stuck acting like a dickhead, acting in a way that nobody likes, said to be stuck in "dick shift"
A friend has been acting rude to you all day and you confront them about it.

"Man get out dickshift! nobody likes you right now."
by Mach Zahoney October 25, 2009
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The process of absent-mindedly playing with an erect penis. Can also be used as a passive adjective to describe a male persona in which emotional gears tend to be in constant flux and inconsistency, usually causing frustration and bitch fits from their female counterparts. (Mental stick shifting.) Those accused of dick shifting will most likely have high rebound rates coupled with less than intact morals.
*While a drunk dirty skank is giving John Smith a hand job, she starts starring off into space...*

John Smith: Uhh, you want me to just finish? If I wanted to go dick shifting I could have done it myself.

*As an adjective*
Stacy: Ohhhmaahhhgod, he's totally boning her! Didn't you guys just break up...

Jammie: Yea, dude like an hour ago? He's in dick shift mode...
by Ju Ju Bee November 12, 2009
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Giving a handjob while wiggling his penis around like a stick shift, while also making engine noises. Vroom vroom.
So me and this other dude were hooking up, and i totes gave him a dick shift.
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by Bitchezzzzzzzzzzz November 25, 2016
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