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1. Getting or pertaining to hard sex between a male and female
2. Often used by a man when referring to sex with a woman
Eddie - "what up kid, what you gettin' into tonight?"

Bobby - "shoot son, im gonna dick down this fine ass shorty tonight"
by Von Doom July 01, 2008
To fuck the shit out of someone in the vagina, anus or mouth. This usually refers to a well endowed guy but can also describe a guy with an average to small penis that can just put it down adequately. It does not matter what gender one is male, female or tranny, anyone can get dickeddown.
Tyrone came by last night to dickdown a bitch accordingly. He know he can dick a bitch down anytime he so desires.
by Demicci Deja Dior-Britt May 25, 2013
The act of giving very satisfying sexual pleasure, often referring to rough, filling sex on the part of the woman
Girl, Calvin gave me a dickdown last night that left me paralyzed...
by Rubbish Castille October 24, 2007
To bang extensively.
I gave that girl a serious dickdown last night!
alt: I want to dick that girl down!
by glennQ June 10, 2005
to put it down physically in the sack with a female
man i had this lil honey over last night & man i gave her the dickdown
by var April 28, 2005
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