A generic name for a heterosexual man.
Girl 1: Where did Dick go?
Girl 2: I’m not sure. Can you remember his name?
Girl 1: I think it’s Matthew.
Girl 3: It’s Michael, and he’s gay.
by dick69 April 15, 2009
1. the lever
2. the handle
3. the pipe
4. the slim jim
5. the chili dog
6. the start of a mans life
7. the dangler
8. the python
9. the lollipop
10. the pully
The woman grabbed my dick and released the sweet substance.
by instafindafailare February 04, 2011

1. the penis

2. a despised person

3. a detective
The dick heard that some dick who was caught concealing a bag of drugs near his dick had the evidence for the murder.
by The Return of Light Joker March 08, 2008
1. a physcial part of a mans body that is used for female/male pleasure
2. a negative connotation for a male used when you hate them so much you want to remove that same body part violently
1. "hey amy, that dick rocked my world, wish you could have seen how big it was"
2. "fuckin selfish dick the next time you hurt me, you will find your dick so black, blue and purple, it will look like a thunderstorm on a dark summer's night"
by badger bitch October 02, 2006
1. the male genitals that most women enjoy having stuffed inside of them.
2. a male genital used when some men want to be screwed up the ass
3. a strap on a girl uses to please there partner, man or women.
man-up the ass
women-the vagina
1. she loved the feel of his dick in her vagina
2.he loved the feel of his dick in his ass hole
3. they loved it when she wore the strap on dick and f*cked us up.
by his_babe December 22, 2008
Slang term for penis. Each and every man has one and he stores it between his legs. It's size can vary greatly, but most men will add a couple inches when referring to their own. Dicks are usually classified into three catagories: schlort, schledium, and schlong. A dick has a very tough life: His owner likes to jerk him around, his best friend's a pussy, and his neighbour's an asshole. Most hetrosexual men use their dick for sexual activities.

Dick is also a colloquial term for an annoying man, or a nickname for a man named Richard.
Jane's boyfriend, Dick, was a total dick but she enjoyed sucking on his dick.

Hey Richard, come here! Dick, let's go!

I hate Joe Smith, he's such a dick!

I have a long dick.
by joejackjacobsonthe second December 13, 2009
like to fuck. they fuck pussies, but sometimes they fuck assholes too.
Dick Cheney (he fucks Colon Powell)
by Jack Hello January 18, 2005
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