Top Definition
to send, or "slip", someone a picture of your dick, possible by several means one of them being through sexting
Girl: I got dick slipped by that creeper yesterday!
Friend: What a perv! He just wants to get laid.
by thepeepster October 15, 2009
Similar to "nip slip" a "dick slip" is when a man's penis slips through the hole in his boxers at an inappropriate time.
"Dude! Dick slip much?"
by Andksbskd December 21, 2013
When your having sex and your tiny ass dick slips out of the pussy.
Shit bro! My dick slip (ed).
by Tim Tomb Bong Bong February 28, 2015
when you're fucking someone and your dick accidentally slips into their ass from their vagina
He was fucking a girl with her legs up but accidentally dickslipped her.
by nancy dirty Sanchez October 16, 2007
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