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a) A close group of straight guy friends. Makes it hard for a girl to approach guy that is in one.

b) A group of gay guys that are really close but are just friends

Jennifer: Did you talk to Stephen?

Michelle: No, I coulnd't! He was with his dick click as usual.

Jennifer: omg wtf
by Michelle the PB January 26, 2008
14 6
When you are web surfing with your penis instead of your brain. You are surfing the net and you click on ads, videos, or pictures because of a suggestive and/or scantily clad thumbnail, even though your brain knows it's probably spam and may or may not lead to more pictures/videos of an erotic nature.
That facebook game looked so bad, but I totally dick clicked it because of the hot chick with the massive cleavage.

I knew the video would suck and the thumbnail of the girl's round ass was a total tease, but I dick clicked it anyways.
by bluelaughter December 05, 2013
4 0
Action when a police officer has his restraints on a person tight enough to be secure, then ratchets them down just a little further to the point of discomfort, usu. because the offender did something to piss off said officer.
When they finally caught the perp, Officer Barrelgutz threw a dick click on the guy's cuffs for making his fat ass run.
by Bructus September 29, 2010
6 2
When a man surfs the women of the internet, clicking from one broad to another. He is know to click the mouse with his dick. Figuratively speaking.
I caught my boyfriend dick clicking my friends on facebook.
by anahicamina February 06, 2013
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