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when a male has had an erection for an extended length of time without an orgasm, the dick can begin to ache and throb similar to that of a headache
a condition similar to blue balls but affecting the dick
I had an erection for such a long time after taking the viagra that I began to get a dick ache
by jokeme December 18, 2009
When a girl gets fucked so hard she gets a stomach ache
He fucked me so hard lastnight I had the worst dick ache
by Wouldnt ya like to know September 03, 2013
when a female has given to much head, and ends up with a dick ache
Lauren: Hey i heard you gave Josh some head last night??
Heather: Psh, yea and I woke up this morning with a dick ache.
by dollface1223 November 23, 2009
Result of Cock Gravel.
When Timmy died at Level 13 because of his Dick Ache!
by Bob Korea March 19, 2005