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A form of money used by Nick Ullah equivilant One British Pound Sterling
"Got no dibbers" - meaning got no money
by Ken & Nick June 12, 2008
28 6
The television remote
throw us the dibber so i can change the channel
by boohoo April 06, 2008
21 10
Remote Control Device
Lyndsey: Carl, Pass me the Dibber... This show is boring!
by Carl CJ December 18, 2005
16 11
a colloquial word used to replace the term douche bag. Taken from a shortened form of douche bag, DB.
Mark always manages to act like a dibber at the tailgates.
by black sheep November 19, 2005
18 15
The impliment from a clipper lighter on which the flint is mounted. This is used to push down the marijuana and/or tobacco inside a spliff.
"Pass me the dibber you fucking tool!!"
by DookTheNun June 12, 2007
8 7
an individual who is slow of mind or body.
1) "2+2 = 3"................. "you fucking dibber"

2) You're always late, you dibber
by marcus militello August 07, 2007
10 17

1/ long firm implement with which a gentleman 'dibs' a nice lady.

2/ husband or partner of a ho
you're my ho

reply: and you're my dibber
by Bloke February 05, 2004
6 16