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5 definitions by Bloke

A bag attached to a tube that is inserted into the anus for purpose of caching fart-gas. A one-way valve at the bag connection prevents dissipation.
A vintage year gas is stored in a fartbag.
A fartbag can be placed in a sandwich, making a "fartbag-sandwich"
Sometimes one may experience a "fartbag-in-the-city" sensation when overwhelmed.
by bloke October 08, 2003
34 9
Masturbation. From the Boys Suck song of the same name.
Wait, don't open the door, I'm driving in England.
by Bloke February 13, 2004
1 3
Definition: unexpected and inexcusable
Root: Middle daughter in heated discussion with older daughter over pool ettiquette
"You can't stick my head underwater like that, its unexpectable!"
by Bloke February 28, 2005
13 19

1/ long firm implement with which a gentleman 'dibs' a nice lady.

2/ husband or partner of a ho
you're my ho

reply: and you're my dibber
by Bloke February 05, 2004
6 16
a supreme fartbag sandwich maker.
u'll see tavis in Fartbag City.
by bloke October 08, 2003
19 132