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5 definitions by Bloke

A bag attached to a tube that is inserted into the anus for purpose of caching fart-gas. A one-way valve at the bag connection prevents dissipation.
A vintage year gas is stored in a fartbag.
A fartbag can be placed in a sandwich, making a "fartbag-sandwich"
Sometimes one may experience a "fartbag-in-the-city" sensation when overwhelmed.
by bloke October 08, 2003
Masturbation. From the Boys Suck song of the same name.
Wait, don't open the door, I'm driving in England.
by Bloke February 13, 2004
Definition: unexpected and inexcusable
Root: Middle daughter in heated discussion with older daughter over pool ettiquette
"You can't stick my head underwater like that, its unexpectable!"
by Bloke February 28, 2005

1/ long firm implement with which a gentleman 'dibs' a nice lady.

2/ husband or partner of a ho
you're my ho

reply: and you're my dibber
by Bloke February 05, 2004
a supreme fartbag sandwich maker.
u'll see tavis in Fartbag City.
by bloke October 08, 2003