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A person who loves to wear diapers. This is a very neat and fun fetish!
Diapers are comtorable! And diaper lovers are normal people
by Sleepybaby February 02, 2006
someone who wears diapers because they like to. it makes them feel good. a new and radical fetish some ppl have.
someone who wears diapers b/c they like them.
by randomness January 20, 2005
One who gets sexual stimulation from seeing, feeling, smelling, wearing, or using a diaper. Diaper fetish.

Related topic: infantilism.
by Anonymous March 20, 2003
Also known as DL
A person who wears diapers for sexual arousal. This fetish can vary from just being diapered to humiliation. It is commonly mixed with AB when the two are completely separate with some cases of a person being both.
I found Jim yesterday wearing a diaper, I think he's a diaper lover.
by Broken-Steel-Rocks June 29, 2009
People like me whom love te smell and feel of dipers.Hmmmm.
"I stole youby brother's diaper!"

"Your such a diper lover."
by John Perky February 15, 2005
A Diaper Lover (DL) is someone who derives pleasure, often sexual, from the wearing, or even using a diaper. Some people enjoy wetting in a diaper, some enjoy "messing" in a diaper, and some love both. The act is often followed by maturation.
She's a diaper lover who just messed in her pants.
by Luvmessing March 16, 2016
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