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A fictional drug used in jokes. Actually stands for dihydrogen monoxide, otherwise water. The victim is initiated into the horrors of dhmo, with sentiments along the lines of utmostly bad trips, eternal addiction, and withdrawal culminating in death.
"Lucy was horrified to find that the government was putting dhmo into the water supply," said Jack with a chuckle.
by whatthefrogger May 11, 2006
Dry Hump Make Out: Used to distinguish between a petty make out and full on copulation - A way of specifying actions implied by the ambiguous phrase "hook up". When "we made out" just doesn't cut it
girl 1: Did you guys hook up? Did you have sex or just make out?
girl 2: Uuuuuh, a little DHMO
by Hashebrown September 19, 2010

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