3 definitions by Hashebrown

ex. 1 Omg I was totally BOD last night

ex. 2 (At a predrink planning on getting belligerently drunk) B.O.D! B.O.D.!
by Hashebrown September 19, 2010
Dry Hump Make Out: Used to distinguish between a petty make out and full on copulation - A way of specifying actions implied by the ambiguous phrase "hook up". When "we made out" just doesn't cut it
girl 1: Did you guys hook up? Did you have sex or just make out?
girl 2: Uuuuuh, a little DHMO
by Hashebrown September 19, 2010
verb; to get it in, to smoosh, aka have sex.
did you franchise?
oh I franchised alright
by hashebrown October 04, 2010

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