Dhaval (adjective, noun, verb, and adverb):
1. an Indian who does not exemplify any stereotypical Indian characteristics; an Undian
2. an Indian who is not majoring in engineering, medicine, business, or Information Technology
3. an Indian who does not eat meat and does not have a valid reason to support his personal choice
4. an Indian whose girlfriend is exponentially more attractive than he is
5. an Indian who looks like flounder from Little Mermaid
6. a shovel
7. a complete tool. hence, a shovel
8. a Rex Grossman fan
"Stop being so Dhaval!"
"That's so Dhaval of you."
"Go Dhaval the driveway."
"Where's the Dhaval?"
by Muhammad Shah March 03, 2008
Top Definition
perfection; without any flaws.
dhaval patel, from VB.
"woaah, dhaval is my role model!"
that's pretty dhaval.
by mwahahha . December 05, 2011
The color white. meaning pure white like a marshmellow.
That barnacle head is dhaval.
by gummybearsgirl August 11, 2009
A verb, meaning to score a 99% on a test or exam or otherwise miss getting a perfect score by one point. A common source of frustration for nerds everywhere, especially when there is any sort of incentive for getting a perfect score, such as a pencil.
Person 1: "Hey bro, what'd you get on that test?"
Person 2: " I totally dhaval-ed. Look at this 99%."
Person 1: "Awwwww man that totally sucks! You were so close to getting a 100!"
by NeurosE January 12, 2012
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