an awesome karate kid
killer hands like a ninja
is most probably asian
The crazy killer Dhanesh with an Asian background
by nesh:) February 07, 2011
Top Definition
Dhaneshing someone is the act of taking them out for a meal (preferably lunch or dinner) with the intention of paying for them as an act of kindness. You then decide to mess with them for whatever reason by sneaking out (tell them you ran into a person you know and are going to catch up or you have to take a leak) without paying. This of course puts the entire bill on them. Good for lots-o-laughs. Boom.
*at restaurant*
Joe: "Hey Mike, this guy is being a d bag right now, let's dhanesh him."
Mike: "Yeah, I'll get the car."
by rizzo69 July 07, 2015
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