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Dumb Fucking Look. This is the look you expect to see from a complete and totally clueless dumbass. You know, when they should be listening to you and they staring with a stupid, lost glare. This is often accompanied with mouth open. It is the expression of a young, stupid slackjaw who has just seen boobies for his first time.
I explained the whole problem to my boss and asked him what he wanted me to do. He just sat and gave me the DFL.

When the cops told Brittany Spears to put her kid in a seatbelt instead of riding with it on her lap she gave them the DFL.
by btodd April 17, 2008
6 80
dead fucking last.
basically you suck ay whatever youre doing.
AKA nicole lightfoot
you dont want to be DFL.....NICOLE!
by mynameisssss April 07, 2008
98 172
A neighborhood full of goons that is located in Fort Myers Florida.
Yo we chill in DFL tonight?
Hell ya DFL is the shit!
by Ehad Crickson November 03, 2010
2 77
duckies for life
group of homies who got each others back through thick n thin
went to a show with DFL n got drunk
by dfl March 20, 2008
12 93
data for later.
drawing on his or her memory the images of sexy people gathered during the day for wanking yourself off later.
look at that (dfl) for sure!
by toby fletcher August 09, 2006
52 133