david fucking lynch = david lynch, January 20, 1946) is an American filmmaker, painter, composer, video artist, and performance artist. Lynch has received three Academy Award for Best Director nominations for The Elephant Man (1980), Blue Velvet (1986), and Mulholland Drive (2001). He has won awards at the Cannes Film Festival and Venice Film Festival. Lynch is probably best known for Blue Velvet and as the creator of the successful Twin Peaks television series.
dfl is insane in the membrane!
by getouttanj February 05, 2008
Dead Fucking Last, as in the band who's cd i'm buying in about half an hour on ebay.
I bought DFL's album. Its beyond amazing you internoob
by Darbz March 02, 2005
Date for Life- To be someone's date for life.
Al is Maria's DFL.
by Mr DFL June 30, 2013
duckies for life
group of homies who got each others back through thick n thin
went to a show with DFL n got drunk
by dfl March 20, 2008
data for later.
drawing on his or her memory the images of sexy people gathered during the day for wanking yourself off later.
look at that (dfl) for sure!
by toby fletcher August 09, 2006
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