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A slang term used in the Detroit punk community for being incredibly, overwhelmingly intoxicated. Being flim-flam usually leads to embarrassing acts of public stupidity, though it can also be a lot of fun.
Steevo: "I can't believe how drunk you were last night."
Wally: "Yeah I was up at the Comet Bar and Dan got me all flim-flam."


Wally: "Dude, you're all flim-flam. You're not driving home."
Steevo: "Fuck you man, (hiccup) I'll do what I want. You're not my mom... (hiccup).... I'm tha besht driver in thiss city... (hiccup/puke/pass out)"
by WallyJoeFootpowder February 26, 2010
DFL is short for Dead Fucking Last. They were an awesome hardcore band that at one time had AdRock from the Beastie Boys for a bass player.
Wally: "Holy shit, 'Proud to Be' is one of the best hardcore albums ever!"
Steevo: "Fuck yeah, DFL rules! Now lets go buy some ice cream!"
by WallyJoeFootpowder February 25, 2010

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