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1. slang for dfw
2. down for whatever
Yeah, I am about to head to tha DFDub, you down?

Yeah, I'm dfdub!
by clownpenis April 26, 2006
Down for Whatever, also an abbreviation for Dallas Ft. Worth, a.k.a DFW.
Guy1: Yall want to hit up dfdubs tonight?
Guy2: Hell yeah man, i'm dfdubs!
by TbreezyK October 17, 2011
"Down For Whatever" (acronym)

1) to be open to suggestions; up for anything; especially in a sexual context.

2) to allude that a person has just engaged in, or is about to engage in, a spontaneous, uninhibited sexual act.

3) to recognize and assent to intoxicated behavior, as an expression of camaraderie and affiliation.
"I'm totally DF Dubs."
"She is Dubs!"
by BoynDCity January 30, 2010
Otherwise known as DFW with a southern style way of pronouncing the W. The Abreviation stands for the term down for watever
Guy 1: Hey man should we go get stoned and get some pussy, or should we go to a stripclub?

Guy 2: I'm DFDub
by Weiner355 August 27, 2006
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