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(n) A condition that is caused through over penetration of the vagina and anus. As the activity persists, the two orifaces become one.
Ashley has a very large vaganus.
by clownpenis September 19, 2005
1. slang for dfw
2. down for whatever
Yeah, I am about to head to tha DFDub, you down?

Yeah, I'm dfdub!
by clownpenis April 26, 2006
(n.) need-fuhl

1. The needful is what needs to be done.
2. A common translation error due to sentence structure variances.

"Yes it appears that you need to audit your server."

"Ok, Please do the needful. The needful needs to be done."
by clownpenis September 04, 2006
When you are doing your chick in the butt and your dink gets coated like a dilly bar from Dairy Queen.
I put it in her butt and all I got was a dilly dong.
by clownpenis September 28, 2013
(n.) a form of crystal methamphetamine that turns into a green liquid when melted for the purpose of the inhallation of its vapors.
Man this ice is kryptonite, this shit is crazy.
by clownpenis January 06, 2006

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