When you see a girl with blonde hair and a nice ass
"Dayum, look at dat devyn!"

"ha i wanna roll in dat pussy"
by ribby July 12, 2013
an extremely beautiful and exotic girl. not big breasted and nicki minaj- assed. but classically hot. shes an extremely unique person who you will have many fun times with. some people think shes annoying but she doesnt care. shes strong and independent and if you mess with her or her friends she will kick your ass. many guys think she is too weird to date but the good ones think shes perfect. she is a great friend that will always be true to you. if you know one i suggest you befriend her immediately.
troy: i think i wanna marry her
drew: you should, shes such a devyn!
by devynfrenchyfries May 30, 2013
A girl with a mean heart. Can seem friendly and shy at first but then turns in to a total monster of a person spreading rumors, calling names the whole 9 yards. You can tell shes very insecure about her self which makes you feel bad for her. She is very vulnerable and can seem quite lost. Often gets what she wants and dosent take no for an answer. Very selfish and vain as well as UN trustworthy.
"Wow I can't believe she'd do something like that"

"I know right! She must be a Devyn"
by Anonymusxoxox December 14, 2013
"He is acting like a Devyn"
by surianddevyn69 September 16, 2014
an uncommon way to spell the name Deven, or Devan.
sounds like "De-vin".
Lauren: Did you find Devan's myspace?
Lacey: yeah, but he spells it 'Devyn'
Lauren: what a weirdo
Lacey: I know!!!
by Paresse May 26, 2008
Devyn is an extremely beautiful girls name.

~The girls are funny, witty, athletic, beautiful, social, friendly, and nice.

These girls are usually among a group of friends.
Jon: Do you see that girl over there?
Derek: Yeah, whats her name?
Jon: I think her name is Devyn.
Derek: I guessed so, she totally looks like one.
Jon: I know

Adam: Dude who are you going out with?
Jared: I am going out with Devyn.
Adam: Dang you got a hot bangin chick.
by Lola Bug December 30, 2011
An extremely rare female name, often describing an exotically beautiful girl that is easily fallen in love with, a girl who is perfect to most people. She can often be described as hilarious, sexy, passionate, a partier, a stoner, unique, gorgeous, true, reliable, trustworthy, outgoing, athletic, awesome, amazing, extraordinary, intelligent, sweet, happy, and adventurous. This girl usually has enticing eyes, nice breasts, a decent back-end, many adventures, numerous friends, but rarely ever has a boyfriend. She is into sports, usually drinks too much, smokes mad weed, and is good at everything she does. You will go on many unforgettable adventures with her, she will make you try new, daring things, and she will always have a place in your heart. WARNING: You will fall in love with her.
Steven: "Hey Dylan, my wife is pregnant with my baby girl! what should I name her?"

Dylan: "Devyn!"

Steven: "That's such an unusual name, I'm not sure."

Dylan: "Well, it's only a name for an incredibly beautiful and perfect girl, and I bet that your daughter will fit it perfectly!"

Steven: "That's awesome! I think I'll take your idea!"
by IHuntBigfoot October 30, 2011

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