A great guy with a big heart. He sometimes doubts himself and gets confused when people do something nice for him. But, honestly, he's one of the best people anyone could know. So dont take advantage of his company, because you'lll regret it.
I love Devyn
by Avatar the last Airbender October 22, 2014
A girl with a mean heart. Can seem friendly and shy at first but then turns in to a total monster of a person spreading rumors, calling names the whole 9 yards. You can tell shes very insecure about her self which makes you feel bad for her. She is very vulnerable and can seem quite lost. Often gets what she wants and dosent take no for an answer. Very selfish and vain as well as UN trustworthy.
"Wow I can't believe she'd do something like that"

"I know right! She must be a Devyn"
by Anonymusxoxox December 14, 2013
Devyn is a sweet, beautiful girl who is extremely athletic, eats alot of food, and has the best friends in the world. She is ready with a shovel when someone offends her friends. She is easy to talk to once you know her, but very sassy when you dont.
she is so devyn!
by Stephenson February 18, 2015
an extremely beautiful and exotic girl. not big breasted and nicki minaj- assed. but classically hot. shes an extremely unique person who you will have many fun times with. some people think shes annoying but she doesnt care. shes strong and independent and if you mess with her or her friends she will kick your ass. many guys think she is too weird to date but the good ones think shes perfect. she is a great friend that will always be true to you. if you know one i suggest you befriend her immediately.
troy: i think i wanna marry her
drew: you should, shes such a devyn!
by devynfrenchyfries May 30, 2013
1. to have vigorous passion; an endless sexual appetite
2. sexy little vixen
3. good listener
4. someone whos had a bit too much tequila
1. God shes such a devyn, she just kept going allll niiightt looonnnggg
2. hey there you little devyn you
3. its always great to have a devyn around when you have problems
4. whoa, looks like shes moved from drunk to crunk to devyn
by Matttttttttttttttttttt January 30, 2007
When you see a girl with blonde hair and a nice ass
"Dayum, look at dat devyn!"

"ha i wanna roll in dat pussy"
by ribby July 12, 2013
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