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Hebrew for Deborah meaning Queen Bee. (look up Deborah)
Devorah's possess incredible outer beauty that seems to stand the test of time. Women are envious of her. Devorah's are loyal, stand up for what they believe in, are wonderful friends, lovers and Mothers.

Devorah's will let you know quick that they are not taking any shit from you.
Cross a Devorah and you better watch out! Make friends with Devorah and you have a true friend for life.
Devorah's are also very sarcastic and quick witted. They have a great sense of humor and can make you laugh till you pee.
If I have to say the one downfall of a Devorah is that she will say whatever is on her mind. Like it or not!
Did you hear what Devorah just said?
by raven madness April 30, 2013
Hebrew name meaning bee.


a very unique ethnic girl
'yo check out that devorah'
by mizzeuro April 03, 2011

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