Devin: i'm a boy
by dfshdzsfhz April 30, 2012
A very attractive guy that seems great when you first meet him. Once you get to know him you'll be ripping your hair out! He's lovable and hateable all at once. He's a GREAT KISSER. Knows how to please you. You hate to upset him but love to get back at him. Your relationship with him will be bi polar but every minute with him you'll love because he's just one of those guys you love to hate. His flawless smile and big brown eyes is what keeps you from arguing. Thank god for Devin.

Girl 1; Your dating Devin??
Girl 2; Yeah..
Girl 1; Your so lucky!
Girl 2; Pretty much
by justifymythug January 25, 2012
The most attractive guy i have ever met. Someone who is always there to make you laugh. He's adorable, and special. He'll always try to make you happy. He's the cutest guy you could ever meet. He knows how to tell people off and hates snitches. He'll kick your ass if you mess with his girl. Devins are always the best boyfriends. And qre the sweetest guy ever. When you meet a Devin, don't ever let him go.
by glittakitty February 02, 2013
A guy's AND girl's name.
No matter what anyone says you CAN'T turn a girl's and boy's name into a boy name. It can be both, it just depends on the parent's views on things.
Devin can totally be a girls name. I don't know why it can't. Whoever thought that its only a guy's name is wrong because it definatley can be a girl's name too.
Your only smart if you know that there's no such thing as a girl's and guy's name; it depends on the parent's views on things. DUH!!!
by devincanbagirlname101 March 25, 2009
Very stubborn, hard headed, impatient and persistent, can get on you're nerves but is very nice when wants to. An amazing kisser and sweetest person you'll ever meet. A person you will never forget.
Person 1: he's awesome.
Person 2: he's just devin.
by Ohhai(; December 28, 2011
The epitome of perfection. No one can deny how amazing he is. When he smiles, his eyes light up, and hearts melt. His embrace is warm and comforting. He's an all-around cool kid.
My boyfriend is such a Devin.
by atychiphobiia September 16, 2012
proper noun: Literally meaning poet, the name Devin can be used for both girls or boys.
In men, the name Devin evokes images of a sweet, caring gentleman, someone not afraid to stand up for you, but who also listens and remembers things you tell him. He's extremely attractive, with his incredible dark hair, his big brown eyes, and the smile that makes sentences trail off. A great friend, a great person, and beautiful through and through. He lives up to his name, as almost everything he says and writes sounds or reads like poetry.
In women, the name Devin refers to someone also sweet and caring, but independent and proud. She's beautiful, she's smiley, and she's full of ideas. Her creative side would put most to shame. She can write, she can draw, and she's even good with computers.
V: I wish Devin was my boyfriend, he's so charming.

M: Devin is so pretty... I wish she would notice me.
by FormerlyBones April 29, 2013
Devin is the definition of perfection! He has an outgoing personality, beautiful eyes, gorgeous hair, and everything you can ask for! Any girl lucky enough to be with him should be very happy. He will make you the happiest girl in the world!
"Wow...look at Devin!!!!"
by cookiesarereallygood March 29, 2013

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