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a three-way involving two men and one woman, as opposed to a love sandwich (two women and one man) a "lucky pierre" (involving three men)
Last night, that cheerleader chick was involved in a devil's three-way with the captains of the football & basketball teams! What a nasty ho!
by Guy F June 25, 2007
In a Devils Threeway its a threeway with two guys.
Bill and Nick had a devils threeway with her.
by Della P August 08, 2008
When two guys are fucking one girl in a threesome. no man should every lock eyes while in position. high fives acceptable.
my whore of a girlfriend did not want to bring her friend into the bed but wanted me to bring mine. so hence the devils three way and no eye contact was made but several high fives.
by fat man in an over coat May 14, 2008
When two guys have sex with one girl. One rule of a devil's three way, as described in the Bro Code on How I Meet your Mother, is that guys are to never make eye contact while involved in a devil's three way.
Dude, Johnny and I got this chick trashed one night and we ended up in a devil's three way!
by Hood9300 April 29, 2008
Ménage à trois, but a threesome that is between two guys and a girl.
The number one rule of etiquette in a Devil's Three Way is for the guys to avoid making eye contact.
by hiddenattacker March 08, 2010
A three way with two guys and one girl. Dicks may never touch. No eye contact between two guys. Defy these rules and you shell forever burn in hell.
I had a devil's three way with Dave and Rodney, it was wierd but great.
by nilla140 June 08, 2010
When two guys are fucking one girl, and the two guys can't look each at each other in the eyes
Rob and Al had a Devils three way with melony last friday
by Richkyle May 04, 2008
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