A place where some naked chick qualifies as art.
Have you been to Deviantart?

No. At least half the stuff there shouldn't qualify as art.
by FlareKitsune February 01, 2010
A website where a bunch of people post pictures of themselves wearing heavy, dark makeup (preferably eyeliner), pose in front of a camera and categorize it under ''Emotive Portraits''. Unfortunately, because of all the unnecessary flooding, those with actual talent are forced to fade into oblivion.
*member from deviantart takes photo of herself*
Description: I am feeling depressed. I hate life. Wearing eyeliner proves that I am depressed. I am making art.. *flips hair* *slits wrist*

Comments: ''I love your eyes!!!1111
by 78694 May 08, 2008
A black hole.

Once you get in, you'll NEVER GET OUT.
Oh, john made a deviantart?

yeah, why do you think we haven't seen him for 3 months?
by fwips October 07, 2012
A website that has a very high amount of stupid ass fan girls that submit only piece of shit fanart of anime characters such as Inuyasha or Naruto. some how they receive many watchers (followers on Deviantart), favorites and comments.
The first thing I saw on the front page of deviantart was an ugly ass fanart of InuYasha. I'm starting to really hate this website.
by archon July 25, 2012
A place full of a few great artists, a many decent ones, and a shit load of crappy ones....all have some unhealthy facination with LOK and vampires in general
You go do DA just because you like vampires? YOU THINK YOU ARE ONE?!!!???.....dude....get a fuckin life
Deviantart is a website created some time ago. It is a fun place, the forum is a lot of fun and never bores you,but it seems to have a bad case of weaboos and emos. Anime fanart engulfs this place, and so do emos. Furries are here, a lot of them, but they are cool. I don't get them, but they are not sooo....imposing. There's alot of inappropriate things, but hey, this is the internet we are talking about. Now, not all fanart is bad, there is some that is quite clever and skillful. Sometimes people need to geek out, and they nail it. But if you still don't like fanart, don't worry, because you should be able to find good original art here. It's just that anime fans are practically a cult. If you post anime fanart you will get alot of attention. But original fanart? Disgusting to weaboos! I prefer the video game fanart. It's clever. The original art is always winning(figuratively, keep in mind) It's a funny place too. But DIG!
by beautifulandugly October 06, 2011
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