A good community web site for the digital art community, but some people are very jealous about it's success. They need to grow up.
by mooshie March 13, 2003
Devian tart, meaning goth girl's or woman's smelly, unwashed genitals marinated in goth outfit.
A devian tart's odours emanated from goth girl's leather trousers.
by Jorma Kullikas November 05, 2007
Site where you can submit artwork to share with the world, to look at, comment on, and critique your technique. Often everything is flooded by poor amateur attempts. The conditions under which you submit your work are somewhat sketchy (pardon the pun) particularly in sections 2-4.
deviantart seems like a good idea, but read before you submit and think if you really need this.
by alexandrovna September 16, 2005
A place where mediocre, half-assed "artists" can come to feel good about their "art" and criticize (or blindly praise, in the case of fanart) other mediocre, half-assed "artists'" "work".
Good art? On DeviantART? But pigs haven't even learned how to fly yet!
by Comfortably Dumb January 05, 2010
There is some good art don't get me wrong. But the worst, disproportional art is the most popular. People who use MsPaint, bases, or even the worst, Bases in MSPaint for shitty animes like Naruto. I wouldn't be surprised if someone whom was an art equivalent to Van Gogh got little to no views on this horrible abomination for a website. Most people communicate through a thing called notes, which is sort of like a forum between 2 people. Some role players on here are very good though.
Dude 1: Yo! Did you see what I posted on DeviantART?
Dude 2: How many people favourited it?
Dude 1: Like... one.
Dude 2: That must mean you have done a masterpiece.
by SeaBearCircle April 07, 2013
A web-based community for artists and their art. Said art takes the form of drawings, paintings, CGA, photgraphy, prose, poetry, woodworking, sculpture, film and more.

Though DeviantArt is home to a wealth of talented artists, it has seemingly become an online gathering place for Emos, Fangirls and Moe-whores.

Furthermore, a, now considerable, proportion of the art is comprised of fanart (and fanfiction to a lesser extent) and poorly drawn nude art that, serving no purpose as actual art, is better defined as cheap, low quality pornography.
Guy 1: Hey, did you see that oil painting of New York that I posted on DeviantArt the other day? I think I really captured the vibrancy of Central Park, although-

Guy 2: Hey, DeviantArt, I saw a really awesome picture of *Insert female Naruto character here* on there yesterday! OMG, so moe!

Guy 1: *begins tying noose to tree*
by Shadowy February 17, 2011
A place where some naked chick qualifies as art.
Have you been to Deviantart?

No. At least half the stuff there shouldn't qualify as art.
by FlareKitsune February 01, 2010

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